Enjoy This Throwback Footage Of Kanye Talking ‘College Dropout’ On BET’s ‘Rap City’ In 2004

02.10.14 4 years ago 21 Comments

kanye west rap city 2004

All this talk about College Dropout must have fans nostalgic for “that ol ‘Ye.” Said losers unable to live in the present ought to enjoy this footage of Kanye on his first Rap City appearance in 2004.

He promotes his debut and himself with more composure than his MTV You Hear It First interview from ’02. The footage nevertheless shows an earnestness you’d expect from a rookie of the year favorite. It’s unsurprising to see his confidence on his album’s impending influence despite getting bootlegged.

Also, brief side-note, raise your hand if your remember getting your Jansport in a twist over those leaks.*

Kanye’s in a different space now and that’s alright. However, College Dropout and videos like this remind me why I signed up as a fan in the first place. The presentation only went so far since I didn’t pop my Polo collars and match them with sports jackets. I much rather wanted a reflection of myself in mainstream music: a nerdy black kid who’s really hip-hop music.

CD more or less filled the void and, for that, the album has been alright by me.

Here’s one last thing. Peep Hi-Tek on the turntables and the cypher at the end…which is really Tigger actually freestyling while Kanye recites some lines from “Wack N*****.” These bars are still hilarious and show a whimsical side to ‘Ye we haven’t seen in a while.


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* — The OG “All Falls Down” walks all over the album version. This is not up for discussion.

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