KSK Celebrity pickakke: RG3 raps his Super Bowl pick

01.21.14 4 years ago 47 Comments


Sung to the tune of “Notorious Thugs” by Notorious BIG and Bone Thugs -n-Harmony

Its R-G Threezy threezy

Its R-G Threezy threezy

Its R-G Threezy threezy

Its R-G Threezy threezy


(Start at 1:13)


Marshawn, DangerRuss,

Cant nobody play in the rain with us,

Straight up skittles no flavor dust

Label us notorious,

Thug-ass Sherman who love to cuss

Its strange to us, you nicklebacks scramblin’ gamblin’

Up in Subways with mandolins, choppin olives and,

We just sittin here tryin to win without my knee bend

High off Gatorade Fierce Melon.

IVs hospital gowns and oxygen

Losin my job to Kirk Cousin.


N-word (not racist) you should to

If you knew

What this game would do to you,

Been in this shit sense 2-0-1-2,

Steady speed dialin Dr James Andrews.

Peyton just beat you know who,

Belichick was his bugaboo.

Welkers a little tike with a three wheel bike shit, got a big helmet.


Aquib Talib better duck quick- cuz Denver Broncos love 2 run picks,

“Fuck Andrew Luck shit,” Peyton said to Irsay,

I got no asprations to quit the game.

Spit you’re game

Talk your shit,

Grab your hat,

Throw some picks.

Wes/Eric- hit the right one

Pass to Tamme love the white ones.

All them Omahas, got to hike one,

Know LBs, which is the Mike one?

What you gonna call a pass or run?

Seems to me hand to Montee,

Ball/Knowshon kill the clock slowly.

Imma tell you like my daddy told me,

The rules dont apply to RG3.


Shit, in the pharmacy, Seattles DBs all got ADD

Find the ritalin, cook the sudafed, cut it,

Know the route before you caught yourselve jumpin it,

Tight Ends double routes fake-pumpin it.

Doesnt it seems odd to you,, feet in cement like Russel Okung

Gettin beat of the line by Sean Philips dude,


Denver wins 30-22.

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