KSK Mock Draft: Naming Peter King’s Website

03.22.13 5 years ago 160 Comments

We had a lot of fun coming up with terrible titles for novels, so we are doing the same for Peter King’s new website. The idea comes via commenter Small Man On Campus, who figured we could do even better than SI’s current placeholder, Kinglandia. Tall order. Venti order. Lofty order. Let’s do it.


I feel like the web address won’t work unless you enter it in all caps.

Matt’s pick sounds like something the Bluth Company will try to build in the new season.

2. Sarah – Kings Kastle Of Football Krumpets And Maple Grits

No explanation from Sarah, but like many of her posts, it makes me hungry.

3. Ape – Dungeon of Dunge

4. Flubby – NUGG.ET

If SI moves the server to Ethiopia

5. UM – King’s Things He Thinks He Think

6. Drew – WEB BARON

7. Drew – Morethanalivespin

8. UM – Football Bang! Bang!

You know, as long as they’re borrowing from IFC shows.

9. Flubby – RogerGoodellsPoopTastesLikeStrawberryIceCream.com

10. Ape – Quasi-Grantland-Esque.com

Vaguely reminiscentish.

11. Sarah – Allthegash.com

Although that could be allthecash.com now too. $1.5 good lord.

12. CC – LOFTY.com

Draft Recap: We came up with some pretty solid (terrible) suggestions, even if clownpenis.fart was left on the cutting room floor. If anyone reading knows anybody at SI feel free to pass them on. Still, Kinglandia might be too good/bad to not keep permanently.

Add your own in the comments if you didn’t do so on the post earlier this week.

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