Just Hold On, Lil Boosie’s Coming Home…In August 2014! *

12.18.13 4 years ago 39 Comments

Look, Gotty and I are so overcome with emotion of this news that we’re going to just litter this sucker with gifs to explain how we’re really feeling. Just know this: the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections lists Lil Boosie’s expected release date is – as of now – August 18, 2014* (and supposed court supervision for an additional three years).

Add Bad Azz’s supposed liberation day with these August 18-related historic events.

For now…WE PARTY**!

Boosie Swimming

Boosie Gif 1


Boosie Bike

* — Of course, the date is subject to change due to prosecutors, judges jailhouse snitches, the wind blowing and anything else that might screw up our happiness.

** — Ed. Note – Can you imagine the ratchet club party they’ll have when Boosie gets out? Bedsheets will be spread over chain-link fences all over town announcing the date. Hoodboogers will be wearing their finest threads from Forever 21. Drinks will be poured, smoke will fill the air and some girl will be getting an ecstasy enema aphrodisiac on that grand night.

H/T: Brando

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