Mac Miller Ft. TreeJay – “Erica’s House”

01.04.14 4 years ago 3 Comments

ericas-house mac miller

One spin of “Erica’s House” and listeners will remain confident Mac Miller has undeniably turned a corner with his music. Whether they can appreciate what’s around that corner is the question.

Ever since Watching Movies With Sound Off, the Pittsburgh native has forgone his playful trips to Blue Slide Park and replaced his Ego waffle raps with hip-hop calisthenics, continually pushing his boundaries across the board. That realigned sense of self seems to come as a direct result of him producing his own beats as Larry Fisherman, like we hear on this moody stroll.

Yet, even though self-production allows Mac to find his rhythm easier and in turn churn out lyrical acrobatics like no one’s business, his new style seems unrefined. This track specifically comes across like a seamless strain of stoned-out rhymes. Sure, his lyrics are bananas and beats fits them like gorillas, but what if people don’t want to dissect their raps with a microscope and prefer tangible concepts?

Well, they go elsewhere. Mac’s currently carving out an off-brand niche, attracting those turned off by big brand rappers. As a result, his audience might be smaller, but they’re appreciative of Mac’s multivariate approach and more loyal than ever.

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