100 Word Review: Murs + Curtiss King’s ‘Shut Your Trap’

02.23.14 4 years ago 3 Comments

Murs Shut Your Trap Cover

Murs and West Coast producer Curtiss King use trap music as a vessel to mix irreverent satire, humor, and genuine emotion on their six-song EP, Shut Your Trap.

Hearing Murs over production seemingly better suited for a DJ Holiday mixtape is alternately interesting and jarring. Production aside, the EP’s best moments are where Murs tweaks the conventions of the genre with his lyrics. The best examples are “Mo$ Def,” where he weaves Mos’ song and album titles throughout the track, and “Justin Bieber’s Black Baby.” Surprisingly, the latter is not about a K.O.D. stripper winning the Canadian lottery, but a fictional black baby that lives in Justin Bieber’s head and tells him what do. Seriously.

By blurring the lines between conscious and ratchet on this ridiculously fun EP, Murs manages to find the common ground without veering too far and parodying two genres he loves.

Standout Songs: “Justin Bieber’s Black Baby,” “Mo$ Def”

Songs to Skip : “Priu$”

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