Needs more John Fourcade…

01.22.10 8 years ago 32 Comments

One thing I love about the NFL playoffs is that it inspires sincere, yet misguided, fans to produce YouTube videos that 1) are absolute comedy gold; and 2) make my job easier. Today “leewilliamsinthedell” tells us who’s gonna win dat Super Bowl (SPOILER ALERT: dem Saints is). So sit back and allow me to breakdown this 21st century minstrel show.

– Chill coat, brah. What is that, faux ocelot?

0:15 – If you’re above the age of 25 and still keep Jaegermeister in your freezer, you probably ought to question the direction in which your life is headed.

– There is a zero percent chance this guy’s favorite player is someone other than Jeremy Shockey.

0:22 – Popeye’s fried chicken– perhaps I’ve judged this guy too harshly.

0:38 – Hokie Gajan: coolest name in the world or coolest name in the universe?

0:44 – Oh hey, gun show in New Orleans this week– corner of Rampart & Dumaine.

0:50 – Wait, did he just hope for the Saints to take the opening kickoff back for a– touchback?

0:57 – Just when I thought they weren’t going to bust out the running man—BOOM! They bust out the running man.

1:14 – You know your team isn’t steeped in playoff history when your defining highlight is a muffed punt by Az Hakim.

1:33 – Brian Milne restores a man’s faith in the almighty.

1:42 – He would have thrown some love the o-line’s way, but it’s a bitch thinking of something that rhymes with “Stinchcomb”.

1:47 – Dissecting a frog? That’s some Cajun on Cajun violence right there.

2:03 – More memorable moments in Saints history: Steve Gleason blocks a punt during the “Domecoming” win over the Falcons after Katrina. I bet that guy is a hero in New Orleans and would never volunteer something as degrading as getting tasered by the local sheriff. Wait, he did? Whoopsie doodle.

2:28 – Enough with the context-less highlights, please.

2:40 – So watching the Super Bowl at Cajun Mike’s is preferable to actually attending the game in person? I call bullshit. Unless he’s talking about the 2012 Super Bowl in Indianapolis—in which case I wholeheartedly agree.

2:48 – Damn, Zack Galifianakis has got some moves, yall.

Wow, that was a piece of work. Dreadlock Do the Shoe guy better step up his game.

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