NFL + Internet Memes: Week 4

10.06.10 7 years ago 20 Comments

Due to time constraints, NFL Internet Meme-ology will never be a weekly feature at KSK, but the appearance of some excellent new memes over the last week demanded another installment. In addition to the memes featured in this post, today we’ll be adding new wrinkles courtesy of:

So let’s break out a li’l Photoshop and see what we can do.

Hmmm. Glenn Danzig looks as out of place on a football field as he does buying cat litter. Can we get some flames? Danzig needs some flames.

Much better.

And now for some Tom Brady:

Eh, I don’t love it. Needs more Howard Dean. Click for larger:

And now for the rest. A few weeks back, someone requested that Chubby Bubbles Girl make an appearance. Thy will be done.

Sad Steve Smith gets a friend:

Make that two friends:

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