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Maria Patricia Montoya

Maria Patricia Montoya

What If The NFL Logos Were Hipsters? [KSK]

Jay Z Headlining DirectTV Concert During Super Bowl Weekend [AHH]

Did Fox Broadcasting Bankrupt A 23-Year-Old Canadian For Running A ‘Simpsons’ Streaming Site? [Uproxx]

Ex-NBA Player Javaris Crittenton Caught In Drug Probe [ESPN]

The Year’s Most Acclaimed Hip-Hop Artists Transcended Backpack Pasts [Village Voice]

How The West Won: Bay Area Hip-Hop Goes National [USA Today]

Police Brutally Assault Deaf Man For Being Deaf [The Urban Daily]

The Hottest Daughters Of Ex-Pro Athletes [Giant]

50 Years Of The ‘Sports Illustrated’ Swimsuit Issue [Vanity Fair]

Why Is Heroin Abuse Rising While Other Drug Abuse Is Falling? [Forbes]

Parenting Tips I Learned From ‘Law & Order: SVU’ [McSweeneys]

Tom Brady, Peyton Manning And The Match-up Made In Heaven [TSFJ]

Your Clothes Are Soaked In Cocaine (If You’re Lucky) [Vocativ]

It’s True, The French Really Don’t Care If You Cheat On Your Spouse [Quartz]

What Killed The American Anime Industry? [io9]

It’s Really Hard To Get Rid Of Dead Whales [The Wire]

Who is Basketball’s Foremost Public Intellectual? [The Diss]

Pivotal Products and Trends to Look for in 2014 [Finish Line]

Rich Bloggers Bitch About Maybe Not Being As Rich As You Thought They Were [Four-Pins]

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