Ransom Says He Was Nicki Minaj’s Ghostwriter. Nicki Viciously Reacts, Ransom Retracts

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08.07.13 32 Comments

Female rappers have been dodging “ghostwriter” claims since the dawn of Hip Hop time. Yeah, because, unless they’re rapping about sucking dick, female rappers just aren’t as creative and lyrical as their male counterparts. Duh! And since the beginning of Nicki Minaj’s explosive career, the Queens MC has been accused of employing ghostwriters, namely her hypeman/wig carrier SB. Well, now we have someone else to add to that mix, local Jersey rapper Ransom.

Apparently, Ransom’s “Man Alone” features a lyric where he insinuates that he used to pen verses for YMCMB’s first lady. “Before Nicki was wearing those crazy wigs / I was doing verses for her just hoping she made it big.”

TMZ hollered at the Hip-Pop queen about Ransom’s claims and not only did Nicki deny the allegations, but the 30-year-old rapper also squatted and sh*tted all over Ransom’s career. “How a wack n*gga gon write my sh*t?” Nicki asked rhetorically. “I haven’t even heard about that n*gga in the last five years! I slaughter these n*ggas! Period!”

Damn f*ckin’ right! Girl power, b*tches!

But wait, Nicki also threw some of that leftover sh*t shade towards female rappers of yesteryear. “I’m undisputed because I’m the only female rapper that, day one… I don’t need no muthaf*ckin’ ghostwriter!”

Oh, Onika.

But it didn’t end there, Nicki and Rans exchanged a few words via Twitter today after the TMZ update.

Yikes. Wouldn’t want to see Ransom’s Twitter mentions right now. Nicki’s Barbz are only second to #TeamBreezy and The Beyhive in terms of uncouth f*ckery and stanism. Hopefully, Rans doesn’t find himself being glitter bombed and pelted in the head with a Pink Friday CD.

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