PS4 Sales Pass One Million Units Sold On First Day

11.18.13 4 years ago 17 Comments

So you got your PlayStation 4’s last week and you’ve been indulging in its next gen greatness all weekend. Well, Sony is joining you in the celebration as they enjoyed an impressive one million units sold in the first 24 hours (Not shipped. That’s SOLD, okay Activision?). This makes for the fastest consoles release of all time, and has analysts believing this could possibly be the winner of the eighth gen already.

Why? Well, consider the Wii U moved 400K in its first week in the US, and has since moved only a mere 1.75 million systems in the one year it been out stateside. And with rumors of the Xbox One pre-orders losing a ratio of 2:1 to Sony’s counter-part, we have a clear victor early on.

This Canadian customer’s console broke, but we don’t think it was Sony’s fault

As with most technology, the chance of lemons or bricks is always evident and no launch is perfect. The PS3 had a lifetime failure rate of about 10%, which is double to the Wii Us so far. And don’t forget the XBOX 360’s failure rate of 54.2%, meaning more than every other 360 got that Red Ring of Death eventually. Sony’s new console had a few thousand reports of failures. Sony is reporting the total failures are somewhere around… 0.4%, which is about 4,000 of the one million consoles sold on Friday alone. The error is apparently hard drive related, and some folks have stated they waited a couple hours, tried again, and their PS4 was fine. It’s safe to say things should be OK in the long run. Sony released an issues guide for those who are interested.

Historically, Sony is used to #winning. The PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 1 hold first and second place for total console sales with 155 million and 102.49 million, respectively. The PS3 wasn’t a failure by sales, ultimately. But the PS4 shows promise in the long run.

Let’s just see how the Xbox One does come Friday.

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