Rap Radar’s B.Dot Accuses HOT 97’s Ebro Of Payola, Gets Verbally Manhandled

10.15.13 4 years ago 34 Comments

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It’s kind of hard to talk about this latest edition of Juan Ep without mentioning the whole Ebro VS B. Dot bruhaha. So let’s skip the fluff and address the elephant in the room.

I know it’s cool for us rap nerds to hate Ebro because it’s so easy. Ebro’s also the big bad gatekeeper beholden to Emmis’ wishes. Plus Hot 97 won’t play Wu-Tang during rush hour anymore so f*ck them, right?

Then again it’s difficult to fault Ebro’s indignation over B. Dot’s payola accusation. I honestly don’t like the station’s format since advertising and research equals the same songs I already don’t like repeatedly getting air time. However he’s already explained his stance, most notable on The Combat Jack Show, in plain sight yet the same criticism persists. What’s worse is B. Dot had no proof to cover his statement and blatantly disrespected the station on location. Thus B pretty much had it coming to him (0:50:00 mark).

Let’s not act like Rap Radar is altruistic bastion for breaking hip-hop artist’s either. B. Dot admits the site doesn’t break artists so his critique on DJ’s, or namely Hot 97, failing to introduce new talent doesn’t follow. This doesn’t let either off the hook in keeping rap music fresh for new listeners. However you can’t fault someone for committing a crime when you’re just as guilty.

All parties moved on so no bad blood persisted. Also the conversation moved on to Rosenberg defending his J Dilla fandom against B. Dot which should get heads riled up. However, heads should ultimately let the “the good old days” of radio go. The corporate and major label influence manhandles the airwaves and embed themselves online as well.

There’s blame to cast all around but, really, who’s hands are clean anymore?

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