Rickie Jacobs – “Aiden”

02.04.13 5 years ago

Two of my closest friends just had baby daughters within the past six months. While I’m legitimately very happy for both, I don’t envy them one bit, as their lives have become overrun with endless crying and bottle-washing. With that in mind, hearing Rickie Jabobs speak candidly about balancing rap life and raising his son “Aiden” is quite endearing.

From the sounds of this touching track, the Baltimore MC seems to be a single parent raising his young son, while also dealing with baby mama drama and attempting to turn dreams to reality with his pen. Plus, given his newcomer status in the game, there’s probably legit hustles in there to boot. That grind and dedication is brought out in full over King Tut’s somber production, finding Jacobs delivering his blood sweat and tears for anyone who will listen. The funny thing is, the only person it’s meant for can’t even completely appreciate it yet.

For more open book rhymes from Rickie, check out the rest of his upcoming album Songs For High School Kids, when it drops on March 4th.

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