Ride Into The Uncanny Valley With The New Tron Trailer

Entertainment Editor
07.22.10 3 Comments

The new full trailer for Disney’s Tron: Legacy premiered at their Comic Con panel, and thanks to the power of the controls an RSS feed, I’ve found the clip online.  Slide into your sexiest, crotch-mashing, LED-covered spandex and get ready to be the second-creepiest looking thing next to a CGI young Jeff Bridges.  The rendering has come a ways since they tried it on Professor X and Magneto in X-Men: The Last Stand four years ago, but it’s still taking me out of the movie, which looks like a pretty awesome pile of glowsticks and lightcycles when I’m not screaming “kill it with fire!” every time they show a young Jeff Bridges.  This is why I got thrown out of the theater during The Last Picture Show.

HD available at Yahoo.

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