Scrap Yard Owner Destroys Ford Bronco With Seahawks Crane Because Why Not

01.30.14 4 years ago 29 Comments

Mock these people if you will, but I will say that if I worked at a scrap yard, the temptation would constantly be strong to paint cars in the image of things I hated just to heighten the satisfaction of destroying them. And so it was that the folks at a scrap yard in Washington painted a 1985 Ford Bronco with Denver Broncos colors and logos then used the yard’s crane and shear – adorned with Seahawks regalia – to rip that sumbitch apart. They also helpfully took video of the whole thing.

The crew at Ferndale’s Scrap-It recycling services showed their team spirit Wednesday by destroying a 1985 Ford Bronco that had been in the business’ scrap yard.

Employee Herb Parks came up with the idea when he saw the Bronco, and he got to operate the crane as it tore into the Bronco like a T. rex. The utter destruction — glass shattering, tires popping, metal being torn asunder — was satisfying, Parks said.

“It felt like 12th Man,” he said. “This made me feel like I was part of the team.”

As it should, Herb. More than anything, the Seahawks success can be credited to innovative ways the team has implemented crane operators in the gameplan, especially when they represent one more player than is allowed on the field. Given the copycat nature of the NFL, I expect many teams to follow suit.

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