Sexy Friday Only Thinks Of Comfort

01.11.13 5 years ago 73 Comments

Can’t tell whether the woman under the spread of puppies is naked. Are those people barely in frame cool with that? Maybe they aren’t and she’d still doing it, not a f*ck in the world to give. Part of me thinks what she is doing would be really comfortable. The rest of me doesn’t want animals sitting on my exposed junk. That’s just my hang-up, I guess.

Here’s the plan for the weekend: live blogs on Saturday, live blogs on Sunday, drinking throughout.

Some people say the divisional playoffs are the best weekend of the season, some say it’s the weekend of the conference championship games. I’m on the fence. I think they’re both great. I will say that one thing the divisional playoffs weekend has going for it is seeing teams with a bye go one-and-done in the playoffs. So fun to watch. Such beautiful disbelief and anguish. As long as the games more exciting than they were with the Wild Card games. The matchups this weekend appear better, for whatever that’s worth. If that translates to good games, that’s all that matters.

Sexiness and flower mounds after the jump.

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