So Pastor Troy Is Doing Well These Days

01.23.12 6 years ago 25 Comments

Pastor Troy, a beloved rapper known for having an authentic WWE replica belt and screaming a lot, has finally made it big time. Now he’s on Judge Alex, who is kind of the Pastor Troy of television judges because you forget he exists until people mention his name and you say “who”?

Apparently, a former friend and club promoter found some change in his couch and wanted to book Pastor Troy for his club in Augusta. Well, Troy didn’t know it was in Augusta at first and backed out because he has beef with people there. Well, the promoter couldn’t live with the disappointment of a canceled Pastor Troy show would cause dozens of fans, so he sent him to Judge Alex.

All kidding aside (okay, just some kidding aside), I was a Pastor Troy fan in high school. During the crunk/screaming era, he was one of the great high-octane musicians and I’m sure anybody my age that played an organized sport probably had some Troy song blaring in the locker room to get hype for a game.

But in 2012, all of that is a thing of the past. Now, Pastor Troy is in front of Judge Alex looking like a suited up Afro Samurai. I hope he at least has that belt.

Seen: Broken Cool

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