Suspect Double-Check — KSK Kontent Klearinghouse

06.27.13 4 years ago 41 Comments

A second possible suspect was arrested in the Odin Lloyd murder investigation. It continues to come as a shock to Jeremy Schaap that Aaron Rodgers isn’t a person of interest.

— Now former teammates are starting to roll over on Aaron Hernandez. Matt Light told the media that he never embraced or believed in anything that Hernandez stood for, which probably has more to do with being a perceived me-first glory boy, unless Hernandez spent his time at practice telling teammates that he is really down with murder.

— The Chiefs are trying to take the edge off the NFL’s new restrictive bag policy by issuing season-ticket holders a free bag that complies with the new policy. Added benefit: doubles as a barf bag.

— The CFL season starts tonight. A possible distraction from the menace of uninterrupted baseball. Unfortunately for US fans, NBC Sports Network has broadcasting rights.

— The Jaguars official roster has listed Denard Robinson as an “OW” or “official weapon”. Is the team stocking expectations for a gimmick player or just adhering to the NFL’s policy on weapons control. You gotta declare them!

— Adrian Peterson said a Lions player last season asked him what illegal substance AP was using during his comeback. Sadly for narrative purposes, it’s an unnamed linebacker, so there goes Suh.

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