The 30 Day Song Challenge: Day 21 – A Song You Listen To When You’re Happy

05.21.11 6 years ago 13 Comments

First off: If you’re not making Kissing Suzy Kolber a daily go-to site, then your RSS feed means nothing to me. As part of the site’s auxiliary football coverage they post mock drafts where commenters pick their favorites out of a bevy of weekly categories: celebrity to have dinner with, food to survive on, etc. Last week, they had a draft for celebrities you’d want to have follow you around while singing.

It took me three seconds to mentally offer my number one pick: Rockwell Knuckles. When I’m in a particularly good mood, I roll down the windows in my car, crank up either Choose Your Own Adventure or You’re F*ckin’ Out, I’m F*ckin’ In and spaz out. I go into full Rockwell Knuckles mode: dramatic hand motions, drawn out syllables and what I consider to be a pitch-perfect live rendition of his music.

And the song I listen to when I’m in full-on euphoric joy? “Shooting Star.” The track has so many quotables, partially because of the dope lyrics and partially because of the way the lines are delivered. In fact, every time I hear “Rocky Knuckles” I feel the need to follow with “WHO IS HE?! theillestinthacitay.”

But nothing gets recited with extreme intensity like the hook. Come on, try yelling out “you know who you arrrrrre” and deny the twinge of satisfaction that arises in your soul. I’ve even concocted a made-up second-verse that I rap to myself to pretend like the song is a remix between myself and Rocky so I can one day sing the hook for a general populace that would delight in hearing me belt out the refrain.

Rockwell Knuckles – “Shooting Star”

To understand the track’s impact, you have to see Rocky perform it live. So to go with the streaming audio, you get a video of St. Louis’s own, performing his anthem live at Bootleggers and Tastemakers 2009.

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