The Presidential Pound: 15 Photos Of Obama Fist-Bumping

05.04.12 5 years ago 12 Comments

Say what you want about Barry Obeezy. You can’t deny the fact that he’s a man of conviction. Want proof? Look no further than the fact that he gives no damns if Black people haven’t been fist bumping since 1992; he’ll still bump fists with people like it’s the newest, cool move on the block. So what if you’re not wearing Cross Colors anymore, Barack will tap those knuckles and walk off like he just hipped you to the newest slang. Just don’t get on his bad side. He might end up telling you to talk to the hand because the face don’t wanna hear it.

Still, if I were lucky enough to get a fist bump from Obama, I’d probably send in an application to get my knuckles enshrined in the Smithsonian when I die. That’s why it’s impossible to feel anything but jealousy at these people lucky enough to fist bump Obama. Doesn’t is make you want to raise the roof? Anybody?

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