The “Second Sense” Interview With Chan-Lo

05.04.11 6 years ago 5 Comments

Avoiding interviews has been my M.O., choosing instead to remain steadfast in the lifelong mission to achieve the title of “literary recluse”/curmudgeon. Plus, there’s a sheer enjoyment when people actual do bump into me and come to realize I bear zero resemblance to the deceased, white gangster gentleman pictured above. Seriously, interviews are always challenging because I share my musings here daily and feel like people probably prefer that I shut the f*ck up instead of talking more. Still, rare circumstances come about when I relent and Channing of Chan-Lo reached out to me through my good friend Kenny at ETSF. I ride for Kenny and co. so obliging wasn’t a problem and Chan’s interview proved fun since she worked gave me a few softball questions mixed in with the tricky, split-finger fastballs.

Proving saints and sinners can be friends, these two good folks refer to me as sensei which I really think is their slick way of calling me an old fogey. But they really are two great people, the kind you could go hang out with on Saturday night then turn right back around to invite them over to your parents’ house for Sunday dinner, just to say “See, Mom, I do have some good friends.” And I’m honored to take part in Chan’s “Second Sense” interview series. Go read it…if you aren’t tired of hearing and reading my words yet.

John Gotty: The Second Sense [Chan-Lo]

You can follow both of these characters on Twitter. Channing’s can be found sharing pearls of wisdom at @Chan_Lo while Kenny’s usually rambling about sports, cracking jokes and other tomfoolery at @SoulOnIce6.

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