TSS 2009 NFL Playoff Preview: Wild Card Weekend

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This is what we’ve all been waiting for ain’t it?

Another season has come to a close and now it’s time to get down to business.  We’re down the twelve teams and all have one goal in mind.  The Super Bowl.  Some teams have better chances than others, but it begins with the Wild Card.  With the last two Super Bowl Champs starting out as Wild Card qualifiers, every team has to believe that if they get on a run that anything is possible.  Read through the as the Crew states how we see things going down this weekend.

Cincinnati Bengals Vs. New York Jets

Expect a closer game as the Bengals show up and the Sanchize leaves the friendly confines of the Jersey Shore. Ultimately Darelle Revis’ and the Jets D’s ability to stymie Ochocinco and friends will slay the banged up Bengals. – Pat M.: Jets

Use your heart MZ, use your heart… logic be damned I’m going with the Bengals.  Both teams are liable to show up firing on all cylinders or flat, but I’m going with Bengals because they’re at home and I’m a fan. Plus I see Sanchez trying to do too much. – MZ: Bengals

Yuck at this matchup. Do we still have to pretend the Bengals are a legitimate team? At least until the second round I guess. – Jesse H.: Bengals

Throughout his rookie year, Mark Sanchez has been known to complete passes to the other team which could be the deciding factor in this matchup. Expect a close game, but Ochocinco and the gang advance to the second round. – J. Tinsley: Bengals

Although the Bengals will be on full strength in this rematch, the momentum is riding with the Jets who will take it to the next round. Jason H.: Jets

Dallas Cowboys Vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Dallas owned them last week, but Philly’s offense is too explosive to be shut down twice in a row. Expect Brian Westbrook to play a bigger role in an Eagles upset. – Pat M.: Eagles

It’s extremely hard to beat a team three times in a row in any sport  and for that reason I’m going with the Eagles.  They’ve got way more playoff experience and they know how to win in the playoffs. – MZ: Eagles

Romo is the Talib Kweli of quarterbacks- a bit overrated, and whenever their buzz gets built up, they both brick (Beautiful Struggle, haha). Still though, I’ll pick the ‘boys because I want to see as little Andy Reid as possible on my TV. – Jesse H.: Cowboys

By now, you know where my loyalty lies. For the love of everything right in the world, please let Dallas win this. – J. Tinsley: Cowboys

It’s a toss up between the two teams who’ve both dominated and faltered this season but Philly has the edge of revenge. Jason H.: Eagles

New England Patriots Vs. Baltimore Ravens

Welker’s out but Wilfork should be back and that should help the Pats defense, (a different beast at home) shut down the Ravens vaunted rushing attack. The offense will miss Worldwide Wes, but it shouldn’t matter against a beat up Ravens secondary. – Pat M.: Patriots

The Ravens defense is beginning to falter as Father Time catches up with them and their offense still has the same problems as always.  So as long as they can contain Baltimore’s running backs, the Patriots shouldn’t have too much trouble dispatching them. – MZ: Patriots

Both these franchises are past their respective primes, but if Moss shows up to play, the Pats can fool everyone into thinking they’ll make another run for the title. – Jesse H.: Patriots

Aside from the miracle that was David Tyree’s catch, Brady is an assassin in the playoffs. Pats win this and may advance further than many are proned to believe since Wes Welker checked out. – J. Tinsley: Patriots

Perennial reception leader Wes Welker was injured for the season last week – Ravens win. It’s that simple. Jason H.: Ravens

Arizona Cardinals Vs. Green Bay Packers

Arizona is the most schizo team in the NFL so don’t look too much into last week’s shellacking. The offensive firepower of both teams should make for a great finish to the first week of playoff football. – Pat M.: Cardinals

Arizona gets to play the underdog/disrespect angle again and I think they’ll be motivated enough to get out the first round.  – MZ: Cardinals

As much as I’d love to see the Vikings destroy the Packers for a third time this season, the Cards receivers should slice through the Pack secondary like a knife through cheese (did I seriously just make that pun?) – Jesse H.: Cardinals

Green Bay vs. Minnesota. Think of the media buzz surrounding that. Trust me, it’s going to happen. – J. Tinsley: Packers

This is not the Arizona team that made the run to the ‘bowl last year but I think they can pull off a win in this round. Jason H.: Cardinals

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