What Other Types Of Arms Does Brett Favre Have?

09.26.13 4 years ago 34 Comments


This week, Brett Favre’s agent made news by telling the media that even though his Land Baron client has no designs on trying to return to the NFL, he totally could if he wanted to, on account of his super manly “blacksmith arms”. As with all Brett Favre things, you just have to embrace the ridiculousness of it or it will drive you insane with rage. So instead we came up with a bunch of other types of arms that Brett Favre could have and whether they would help him land another job with an NFL team. Like Jay Cutler says: sorry, not sorry.

Tentacle arms! He’d be huge in Japan. Peter King says you can ink him anytime, Brett.


Lizards That Are Eating His Arms, brought to you by Old Spice.


Mega Man’s mega buster. Now he sling all types of guns.


Brett Favre is Mr. McGreg, with a leg for arm and an arm for a leg!


Grand Theft Auto V arms! That way everyone is talking about and writing long thinkpieces about him.


Breaking Bad finale spoilers! He WOULD do that, wouldn’t he!?


Tiny peen arms because obligatory.


Brett Favre with arms with TVs that show non-stop Brett Favre. Very meta and only the fourth most attention whoring thing Brett would do in any given week.


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