Ugly Heroes (Apollo Brown, Verbal Kent, Red Pill) – “Hero’s Theme” Video

06.04.13 4 years ago 2 Comments


Sometimes you just have to root for the underdogs. The rapper/producer trio known as Ugly Heroes definitely fit that bill. The two emcees – Red Pill and Verbal Kent – hail from two of America’s most rough-and-tumble metropolises in Detroit and Chicago, respectively. So, as expected, their flow reflects that pain. Hell, their theme song is about that disparity, but it’s a kind that’s easy to relate: “I’ll probably always feel like I be workin from that ground up.”

Nonetheless, “Hero’s Theme” is a sharp cut with the rapping pair giving listeners a familiar Midwestern bravado and we all just eat it up. Apollo Brown knows how to make a knocking beat and it’s always a treat when he’s on the boards. Brash symbols and a jazzy piano loop throughout the track, offsetting each other, constantly keeping the mild mood. With this strong debut, I think it’s safe to say Ugly Heroes won’t be claiming the underdog title for too long.

Stream the Heroes album in full on Bandcamp before buying on iTunes.

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