A Formal Introduction To Richmond’s Noah-O

03.03.12 6 years ago

Covering the homie Noah-O on this corner of the Internet has been long overdue. True story, I met buddy sometime last year after leaving some random club in Richmond while he and crowd of people stood outside a wing spot at like three or four in the morning. For anyone familiar with the music scene in the 804 area, you’ve at least heard of Noah and his movement to expand the “Cap City’s” music far beyond the city’s limits. In conjunction with HipHopVa and Smooth Matic Productions, the story of Noah-O is brought to the small screen with this 10 minute documentary-style presentation.

His story, his come up and his future are told from the horse’s mouth and those who have been following his growth since jump street including: Jason Roop, editor for Style Weekly, John Gilliard, C.E.O. of Streetratt and Creative Nation promotions, Jay Ackerman of Kulture, Kleph Dollaz Of Control Freaks and Dan Anderson of RVA Magazine. The one quality I grew to appreciate about Noah was not only his dedication to the craft, but also his near-obession with providing assistance to the city he so faithfully reps in his music. That commitment to the community is a key dynamic in the clip below, which ties in nicely to the quality of his music. Pretty much, it gives anyone who previously didn’t know who Noah is/was from a hole in the wall a sense of acknowledgement for his music as well as what motivates him outside the booth.

The first step to global domination is taking over your own city. Noah hasn’t completely done that yet. But he’s off to a damn good start.

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