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Tony Romo was spotted wearing a Celtics singlet, so Busted Coverage says the Celtics have obviously been infected with Romo’s powers of chokeitude or something. If curses were actually real and Romo caused Boston to blow a 3-2 series lead to the 76ers, would Philly fans hate Romo any less? I’ll take my answer in the form of a battery, thanks.

– Kellen Winslow is being sued for allegedly trashing a rental house. Demerits, sir. A soldier knows to keep his quarters in pristine shape.

– Speaking of the Seahawks, they’ve become the latest team to turn down HBO for “Hard Knocks”. The Jaguars are seemingly the only willing team left out there. Given that Jacksonville has EDSBS favorite Ron Prince on staff, you could certainly do worse.

– Donald Driver joined Hines Ward and Emmitt Smith as NFL players who have won “Dancing With The Stars”. He was somewhat excited. Driver said the achievement is up there with winning the Super Bowl. Sure, why not? Given he’s no worse than the second best member of his dancing team, Driver played a much more vital role in that victory.

– The NFLPA has filed a collusion claim against the league for instituting a secret salary cap during the uncapped year of 2010. Esteemed legal expert Mike Trollio says the lawsuit is destined for failure, unless of course the NFLPA can secure a job for Tiki Barber.

– A dozen former and current NFL players told Outsports that they would totally welcome and support a openly gay teammate should they ever have one. Just guessing Larry Johnson wasn’t among the former players interviewed.

– Eagles defensive end and 2010 first-round pick Brandon Graham admitted he is a draft bust. That won’t placate the talk radio people, who will never be satisfied until Graham cops to being a CLOWN FRAUD.

– The principal of a Catholic high school in Florida is withholding a diploma from a student who Tebowed during the graduation ceremony. Uh oh, this can only mean an impending war pitting Catholics versus evangelicals. FIGHT! FIGHT FOR CHRIST’S LOVE!

– The newest forced NFL meme: Gronking. Jizz blasting seems like a thing that would work better on the Internet than a really dramatic spike, but what do I know? OW-AH MEMES AHHH MO-AH VIRAL THAN YO-AHHH MEMES

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