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04.04.13 5 years ago 18 Comments

Hey, it’s slow. Here’s a low-flying plane terrifying/nearly killing a woman. One reason why I don’t hang out on runways.

— Tom Brady worked out with Terrell Owens at USC’s campus. This has led to baseless speculation about the Patriots bringing on the 39-year-old receiver. Yup, April is that dull.

— PFT Commenter fittingly has a blistering sports take on Mike Florio’s question of whether to do away with the comments section at Pro Football Talk.

— Victor Cruz signed on with Jay-Z’s new sports representation agency. Cruz and the Giants are reportedly about $4 million per year apart in their contract negotiations. Would be kind of amusing to see Cruz leave New York while being repped by Jay-Z.

— The Bengals claimed John Skelton off waivers. I think not clearing waivers counts as Skelton’s most impressive NFL success to date.

— Donte Whitner tweeted “fuck nnamdi” after the corner signed with the 49ers, but now Whitner claims his account was hacked. HAXXORED! That’s what happens when you don’t change your Twitter password after leaving Chan Gailey’s Bills.

— J.J. Watt said he played through most, if not all, of last season at less than 100 percent. So, basically, more or less the same as everyone else.

— Some media trolls think the Redskins signing Pat White means they will trade Kirk Cousins. Sorry, you’ll need more than that to make a future New Yorker writer expendable.

— Meanwhile, other people are pissed at Pat White because he’s rejoining the league that he’s suing for not providing proper protection again brain injuries.

— The Raiders could have as much as $69 million in cap room in 2014. Congrats in advance to next year’s Off-season Champs.

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