Far Out Family – “NEWATLISH”

10.23.13 4 years ago 4 Comments

Far Out Family - NewATLish

Refreshing is the first word that comes to mind after digesting Far Out’s “NEWATLISH.” But, in all actuality, that alone doesn’t do the track justice. This sh*t is flat out nice.

“These whack aggins been fake for as long as they can breathe
Too afraid to be themselves, because the truth would be too bleak,
Once we crown mediocrity, then what we do with the king?
We cut his f*cking throat and dare that aggin to speak,
I might not have a voice, but you gon’ hear me scream”

Truthfully, this ATL duo wasn’t even on our radar yesterday. Now, after getting a reputable cosign from another talented artist Chance Fischer, then hearing keen lyrics like those above over the twangy, guitar-laden hip-hop soul on display here – well, we’re all aboard. Their rhythmic niche is unique, expanded and more competitive than many of their 404 forefathers and they’re justifying those claims first hand with this exceptional audible representation of their city’s next generation.

Look forward to their upcoming project, Declaration of Independence. We are.

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