Fat Humps Drizzle Costas Ejaculate On Popcorn Troughs

01.08.11 7 years ago 324 Comments

NBC couldn’t possibly be more thrilled to get Manning on one of their two playoff broadcasts this season. They had him on during halftime of the Saints-Seahawks game, where Pey-Pey laughably credited the team’s tepid success to Jim Caldwell not making a facial gesture in the last decade. Not that that was half as bad as Costas practically calling the Colts the story of the year the previous week, hailing among other things:

– The Colts overcoming injuries, because no one else has had to do that.

– Peyton seeming to play at times 1-on-11. Coincidentally, one-to-11 was his ratio of touchdowns to interceptions in Novembers.

– The Colts winning with “professionalism and Peyton” so long as professionalism can be counted toward Pat McAfee’s arrest and Eric Foster maybe raping someone.

Guhhhhhh. Where are the Sarah PAC bullseye over Lucas Oil when you need one? For all the media attention lavished on the Jets, at least it’ll take a good few years to build the kind of excusekkake Costas blasts in our collective mugs, at least once he clambers up six phone books so he can reach face level.

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