Georgetown University Offers A Class On Jay-Z

10.12.11 6 years ago 8 Comments

“Before The Answer was a 3, I was down in Georgetown with a Hoya chick, lawyer chick…”

Georgetown University, still reeling from this, makes news for positive happenings this time. It turns out the school is now offering a class based solely around Hip Hop’s very own Shawn Carter; not bad for a former drug dealer from Brooklyn, no? Respected, and equal parts controversial writer, Michael Eric Dyson, leads the academic charge and credits the inspiration for the class around Jay’s lyrics, his socio-economic teachings in his rhymes, Jay’s “genius,” his stance as a modern day pop icon and all this other super-educated stuff only Dyson can properly explain.

Either way, it’s another win for the genre that has taken over the world and classrooms in such a relatively short span of time. According to Complex, the required reading for the course is as follows: Jay’s Decoded, Adam Bradley’s Book of Rhymes, and Zack O’Malley Greenburg’s Empire State of Mind. Who knows, maybe Prof. Dyson will go through the back pages here at TSS and use some of our words for some discussion. A team can dream, can’t we?

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