Kareem “Biggs” Burke Pleads Guilty To Drug Charges

03.15.12 6 years ago 26 Comments

“Everybody doing them, I’m still scratching on the block like damn/I’ma be a failure/Surrounded by thugs, drugs and drug paraphernalia…”

The dynasty’s been dead for awhile now, but fall from graces never get any easier to witness. Kareem “Biggs” Burke – the quiet third of Hip-Hop’s former holy trinity – plead guilty for his role in the New York City area marijuana ring and is now facing the next six years behind bars, according to MTV RapFix. The 2010 arrest also saw High Times editor Matthew Stang and Geovanny “Manny” Rodriguez Perez fall victim to the same crime of allegedly moving over 100 kilos of weed. Of the arrests, Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said, “With today’s arrests, we have successfully shut down a major pipeline for marijuana distribution in New York City. This successful operation was the result of a dedicated and ongoing partnership among federal, state and local law enforcement and reaffirms our zero-tolerance policy for those who flout our drug laws.”

To avoid the cliche’ “my-oh-my-how-Rocafella-fell-off” thesis paper, the lives of their former three headed dictatorship are nothing short of amazing. One’s allegedly struggling to keep his head above water. Another’s more successful than anyone could have ever imagined hustling in Marcy Projects during the early 1990’s. And the last one’s heading to prison because, wait for it, “the allure of the game” was too much to ignore. If there was a dollar for every time this situation manifested itself on a daily basis, we’d have enough money to shoot a feature length film about what really killed Rocafella Records.

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