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It’s not just cabana seats that the Jaguars are adding to enhance the stadium experience this year at Everbank Field. The Jaguars will debut the new 362′ wide by 60′ tall board on July 26, at which time it’ll be the largest video board in the world. Larger even than the ones in the Cowboys’ and Texans’ fields. To promote the new board, the Jaguars are taking potshots at those Texas teams via billboards, because this is what terrible AFC South teams are left to fight over.

— On Sunday, Dallas police announced they arrested Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib for throwing bottles in a club. After Talib’s agent made it known that it was actually Aqib’s brother, Yaqub, who was arrested. The Dallas PD corrected their original report, which should come as a great relief to Aqib, except for the part about his brother being in jail.

— Turns out T.J. Yates found out about his recent trade to the Falcons while eating at Chipotle. Fitting since Chipotle is basically the T.J. Yates of burritos.

— Antonio Cromartie posted a video of him running the 40 in 4.3 seconds just to prove he’s still got it. Expect follow-up footage to show off how quickly his sperm can still fertilize eggs later in the week.

— Latest dumb Redskins name change thing: A Virginia delegate called the controversy “political correctness on steroids in overdrive”. Does political correctness have a steroid problem or a speeding problem? MY COLUMN:

— Off-topic: The Louisville font is a thing of beauty. Nice of them to use your mom for the letter V.



— A report in ESPN The Magazine on Friday said DeSean Jackson still associates with people in gangs. Does this mean the Redskins have to cut him now? Does Jackson have to get cut every time one of these reports surface or do teams have to wait until he cuts another hip-hop album?

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