Coming Attractions: Nike Air Trainer SC High ‘Steel 3M’

06.04.14 3 years ago 5 Comments

These upcoming ‘Steel 3M’ Trainer SCs will be a game-time decision.

On the plus side, navy and grey will never not look good. Add in reflective 3M on the side panels and these are poppin’. However, the deal will come down to whether that third color is a deeper navy or a black. Black f***s up the balance while navy enhances the look. CT lists the two additional colors as black and magenta so…I’m just going to hope they’re totally wrong, having vision problems or battling early-onset dementia.

We could find out as early as July when this Trainer SC is expected to release.

Nike-AirTrainerSC-MGNTgrey 2

Nike-AirTrainerSC-MGNTgrey 3

Nike-AirTrainerSC-MGNTgrey 4

Nike-AirTrainerSC-MGNTgrey 5

Nike-AirTrainerSC-MGNTgrey 7

Nike-AirTrainerSC-MGNTgrey 6

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