Richie Incognito Goes On Twitter Rant, Informs The World Jonathan Martin Considered Suicide

02.12.14 4 years ago 93 Comments


With the Ted Wells report on the Dolphins clubhouse looming, Richie Incognito took to Twitter on Wednesday to make a bunch of defiant statements blasting his former teammate, declare victory, link to an Outkast song then inform everyone that Jonathan Martin confided thoughts of suicide to him last May.

The motivation behind the last revelation is up to interpretation until a clarification is made. Perhaps Incognito is trying to show that he and Martin were so close that thew latter would feel comfortable enough sharing such personal thoughts with him; perhaps it’s an attempt to portray Martin as mentally unstable and therefore not trustworthy. Either way, it’s a shitty thing to broadcast to the world.

There are those (okay, Pete Prisco) who are suggesting that Incognito’s boastful tone suggests he knows what is contained within Wells’ report and that it vindicates him. Of course, nobody knows for sure until that report is released. Until then, more ugliness, apparently.

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