“You Need To Grow Up…DJ’ing Will Get You No Where.”

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For every Dennis Miller & Bill O’Reilly trying to knock Hip-Hop’s newfound connection to politics, there’s a Neil Armstrong.

You can pretty much ask anyone (literally) who’s encountered him in some way & they’ll tell you that through it all, Neil is one “grounded” dude to say the very least. And to watch his rise from the dude politely asking me to take down his catalog…then granting us our inaugural Smoking Session. Since then homie’s progressed to DJ’ing for Hov, to working Obama’s Inauguration and, still, nothing’s changed.

He sent out this email blast yesterday & posted it on his blog. It’s his recap of the Inauguration Day events. It was so moving, I told him I’d be reprinting it in full.

“You need to grow up…Djing will get you no where.”

I’ve actually been told those exact words. Years ago when I was maybe three years into DJ’ing, by an ex-girlfriend. She was Korean. (ohh yeah u know I was gonna mention that – its called being salty….).

Actually that sentiment has been expressed to me by many a person at times in my life, even myself. Ask my boy Vinroc; at one point he had to pretty much convince me with his hippy lollypop land mentality to keep at it.

Hmm, well let’s fastforward to what I did for the last 3 days shall we ;)

The people of the United States inaugurated the 44th President – Barrack Obama. 1st time in history, we have a black president – actually as Jay drops in the new remix – “Our president is black , in fact he’s half white – so even in a racist’s mind he’s half right…”

That’s a line from one of Jay-z’ new remixes – You can download the “My President is Black” song right here. It’s dope, give it a listen…

On this grand occasion, I actually got to contribute a bit of my craft to the celebration at the neighborhood inauguration ball, and also for the 1st time in history 2 turntables and a mic were there on this grand stage to welcome the President to his new office.

The Culture of Hip-Hop is no longer limited to the gangsters and the teeny boppers. It’s part of American culture in the BIGGEST way. And I had the distinct, most amazing opportunity to be the Hip-Hop representative behind the 1’s and 2’s .

There was a lot of cool other little neat things I got to do and experience too – …

1.) Above I’m holding a bottle of Ace Of Spades champagne, A NORMAL sized bottle. These bottles are like, $300 to $500 bucks a pop. Now let’s not get it twisted now – I don’t do this when I’m at the club without the Roc Boys – I’m cheap as all get out. But you know how Jay rolls and he takes care of us of course.

This time around it was a VERY special occasion, so Jay and his manager John dropped us off one of these.

$30,000 dollar bottle of champagne – YOU HEARD RIGHT. this thing is about 100 times as big as one of the normal joints – it runs a cat about $30,000 to hold that. When the Roc Boys celebrate, we get to do it more then right…

2.) In this pic above, is one of the greatest musicians of all time, one of my personal heroes: Mr. Stevie Wonder (+plus some girl named Beyonce, another named Faith Hill, the dude from Maroon Five… u know, regular people ;)

At some point during the inauguration ball I had to go to the bathroom, to take care of wizness. Went to go wash my hands, look up and right next to me washing up is none other then Stevie Wonder…

3) For an event of this stature, you know the stars were going to come out next to the leaders of our country. I got to take flicks with a couple of them.

That’s Sting of course – I was thinking about doing that bit from Saturday Night Live – with Kevin Neelon and Dana Carvey cornered him in the elevator… but I didn’t want him to punch me…

Here is the Queen herself Latifah – you remember her dissing homeboy Flex in Juice??? She didn’t do that to me ;)

Here is Mr.Carter’s most talented wife, Beyonce, of course…

When the President and his 1st Lady had their first dance at the neighborhood ball, they ushered all the performers and celebs out to watch and celebrate.

This is the stage that Denzel Washington did the introduction from. Right in front of me is Queen Latifah, Jamie Fox. RIGHT, RIGHT in front of me is Mariah Carey, that’s here blond hair in part of the picture.

This is what it looked like from the front…

I am behind Mariah, right behind Denzel is Monty on of the keyboard players and the rest of the Roc Boys are all there. Pretty trippy…

So there I was LITERALLY rubbing elbows with celebrities (even was in the next bathroom stall to one of em!), people of importance and prominence, Our countries leaders, I was in the same room as the President and his 1st Lady, I was present and accounted for at their 1st dance, and I got to scratch Obama’s voice on a record, while on TV for all the world to see….

So ya know what I think?

DJ’ing definitely got me somewhere ;)

More stories and VIDEO Footage to come, sort of live and direct from the DC/Roc Boys connect…

Watch for DJ Neil Armstrong via his Riottt page.

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