Album Stream: Black Milk’s “Live At Third Man Records”

06.14.12 5 years ago 4 Comments

In my long time living, I’ve experienced my share of notable musical performances. And luckily, I was in the building when Black Milk came to Nashville last July to perform live at Jack White’s Third Man Records and can rank it up there as one of those “you had to be there” deals. Literally, you had to be there because the whole show took place with no cameras or recording devices allowed. The audience’s only charge was to enjoy the music and be fans for 90 minutes.

What happened that night was a small, slightly covert show for about 300 invited guests of Third Man to come through their space to watch Black Milk and company perform. He and his band – Daru Jones (drums), AB (keyboard) and Malik Hunter (bass) – ran through Black’s music while Jack White stood around in the crowd jamming right along. I can say this because I remember someone yelling to me over the music “they’re fucking killing it right now”…only to turn around and find myself chopping up Hip-Hop with White and him even offering me the cheeba*. On the bucket list, the shit was comparable to spending time talking with Jay-Z.

Prior to the night’s performance, Milk recorded with the former White Stripes frontman (read the Black’s version of the events here), which ended up being sold on vinyl. Yesterday, Black put the full audio up for his Third Man recordings. Maybe I’ll buy a record so I can always keep in mind how trill the whole night was.

The audio’s presented in LP-form, divided up by sides but the full tracklist’s available here.

Props: Potholes

* – I declined but it made everything that more bad ass when you think the guy gets to invite any artist in the world to come hang out, record and then perform at his setup while he can enjoy the shit while doing whatever he wants.

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