Bees, Bears, and Big-Butted Burglars: This Week in Policing

Entertainment Editor

Seen above is Sheriff’s Deputy LeeeeeeRoy Brandon Jenkins of North Carolina, who was trapped in his car for more than three hours by approximately 50,000 bees.  He was responding to a broken down truck when he realized the cargo (60 boxes of bees) had gotten loose.  He managed to get back into his car, but the swarm that surrounded the car had to be professionally removed by a beekeeper from North Carolina State University.

Speaking of trapped, a burglar in East London attempted to fit through a window and found out too late that his hips weren’t narrow enough.  He remained trapped in the window for around six hours before police, ambulance, and fire crews arrived.  Neighbors suggested just leaving him there and one neighbor (a surgeon) offered to cut him in half.  They managed to remove him in one piece, however, and he was taken to the police station, where I would assume the police had a good laugh.

Other police having a good laugh were the ones who raided a marijuana farm in British Columbia, where ten to fifteen tame black bears were hanging out around the property.  The police were surprised at how docile the bears were.  Well, of course they’re polite. They’re Canadian.  The police also noted that a raccoon was sleeping on a bed in one of the buildings and had to be shooed away when he started tampering with one of the boxes of evidence.  I believe we have found the mastermind of this operation.


  • “He probably asked for a ‘swat’ team to come and free him in a ‘sting’ operation.”  I see what you did there, Newslite.
  • Burglar gets stuck in window, neighbors offer to help cut him in half. (Arbroath)
  • Ten to fifteen docile bears chill at the marijuana farm, or as Fark describes it, “Bear threat level on pot farm: Mellow” (VancouverSun)



  • A SWAT team was called to investigate a suspicious umbrella. (ThinkGeek)
  • Hey, remember the school in suburban Philadelphia that was spying on students outside school grounds via webcams?  No criminal charges are going to be filed. (Yahoo)
  • In California, a group of good Samaritans helped pull a man from a burning car. (ABC)



  • BBC’s new site, Dimensions, overlays the scope of important historical and current events over your own zip code.
  • The most expensive speeding ticket was for $290,000, and other speeding facts. (VizWorld)
  • The best place to lose your wallet in the UK is at a museum, where 47% of lost wallets are returned.  Worst place to leave a wallet?  In a burning car. (CPP)


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