8 Diaphragms…

12.18.08 9 years ago 34 Comments

Ah yes.

Take a good…long…hard…stare (gotcha pervert) at the album cover. Has it been awhile? Have you even seen it before? Gas was higher than a blimp this time last year. That $15 could’ve went to the tank, son. Feels like an eternity has passed since the Wu released their last collaboration which for the sake of summarizing, was lackluster like a muh’fucka.

It only feels like an eternity because…go on, admit it. You haven’t been listening. And it’s only been a year.

This particular spotlight shone on 8 Diagrams is not intended to run its name through the mud (seeing Raekwon managed to accomplish that before the album was even released,) because quite frankly, the Wu-Tang Clan will never make a wack wack album. Maybe not measuring up to their caliber in terms of previous achievements, but with Raekwon’s flow, Method Man’s sense of humor, Ghostface’s creativity, RZA’s…um…yeah. Looking back, it’s easy to see where to point to blame but surprisingly (or not,) he all but drew comparisons to Quincy Jones for his work on the album.

This is dedicated to those who called this “a great fuckin’ album.” Not the ones that found remnants of “Sunlight” in the desolate wasteland which doubled for an unforgettable score of aimless harmony. Not even the ones that fixed their lips to call the album nothing short of unadulterated, top shelf, fecal matter. I’m talking the ones that used the…

*throws up in mouth*

“C” word.

Yes. A classic. Or even going as far as to slapping consonant approval on its disorganized entity. Claiming that this ill-fated project’s value will only increase in time like it was fuckin’ bottle of ’69 Château Latour. While 8 Diagrams was constructed by a batch of sour grapes, intoxicating it was not. Remember the hoopla surrounding the interpolated Beatles’ sample? Of course you don’t. You vowed never to play that joint again after you couldn’t stay awake at the wheel. Where was the follow up? Oh, nevermind. How did the melody to “Wolves” go? Most importantly where was the unity??? RZA was steady playing chess while Meth and Deck showed up wearing football helmets. Ghostface didn’t even bother showing up at all.

The need to express unyielding loyalty for those who are still put the music first is greater than ever. Especially for our living legends. Especially at at time when pop culture is casting its shroud of candy coating on everything the business has to offer. But a spade will never be rutabaga, and as much as it pains us to admit (or RZA to deny) that the Wu’s fifth album is merely an unsavory broth, lacking the healthy morsels of food for thought present in their dishes of yesteryear. The fact you have to strain your brain to remember the flavor all but confirms it to be true.

Would you believe it? The link I made last year still works! You couldn’t give that shit away with a free subscription to Penthouse and singing telegram from Lauren London.

*blows dust*

Wu-Tang Clan – 8 Diagrams

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