Tinashe’s ‘Black Water’ LP Blends ’90s R&B Nostalgia With Fresh Sounds

12.03.13 4 years ago 5 Comments

Tinashe’s a new name around these parts but that’s set to change. Her catchy hooks aren’t outside the scope of TSS regulars in need of an R&B fix with a side of Nightcap appeal. The singer’s shift to a more adult sound on Black Water, her newest project, strikes a fine balance between pleasing her fan base and bringing in new ears who came up on the genre’s ’90s heyday.

The album’s moody tones put the “Reverb and Bass” into modern R&B: an aesthetic popular with the Soundcloud kids. Then it takes inspiration from a few rhythms reminiscent of Timbaland’s early work and 40’s current output. It’d be a mistake to render her style as Aaliyah meets Drake, though. Tinashe’s unique, airy voice hits with confidence throughout. It’s poppy, provocative and sits well with her ear for beats.

Everything blends together or a project strong enough to sell on its own. Yet it’s free and can find its way to your hard drive.

Take a gander below before RCA wises up and charges us for it.

DownloadTinashe – Blackwater

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