Meat Smarts

05.05.10 9 years ago

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  • Elizabeth Hurley is launching a new bikini line. That sounds like the exact opposite of getting naked to me.

    Slick Panda.

  • This clip of Paul Rudd on “Tim and Eric” had me laughing my ass off all morning. Can I get a hat wobble?

    Warming Glow.

  • His name is “Robert Cop,” but you can call him Bob, the Duke of the Chinese knockoffs.


  • Ode to the Fanboy. Twenty videos where it all started.


  • Playboy did a “MacGruber” spoof. I shouldn’t have to tell you anything else.

    Playboy [page SFW]

  • Hottest sex offenders, which I guess is an actual thing now.


  • GI Joe cosplayers. Halloween comes early.

    Comics Alliance.

  • The 20 most embarrassing athlete photos.

    Bleacher Report.

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