The Most Anticipated Albums Of Fall 2020

After several months of not knowing what the next day will hold, 2020 is beginning to normalize, at least in terms of music releases. Looking ahead to the slate of announced and expected albums for the fall, some of music’s biggest names could be dropping new efforts, ranging from hip-hop elites like Drake and Cardi B, indie royalty like Sufjan Stevens and Coldplay, and pop icons like Blackpink and Miley Cyrus. Not only will fans be hearing albums intended for this time period, but the many records delayed due to 2020’s unprecedented events could also drop, much like autumn’s colorful leaves or Starbucks’ pumpkin-spiced menu.

The following list is obviously only the tip of the iceberg and is broken down by what is announced, expected, and rumored. So buckle in and start planning your listening for the rest of 2020 with Uproxx’s most anticipated albums of fall.


Sukihana — Wolf P*ssy (September 2)

September’s month of releases will kick off with Sukihana’s latest project, Wolf P*ssy. It arrives after her 2019 effort, I Said What I Said, Vol. 1 and shows promise for the Delaware native who shared singles like “Pretty And Ratchet” and “All In Your Throat” to build up anticipation for the new album. While many recognize the name from her appearance in Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s “WAP” video, fans will have plenty more to know Sukihana by when she drops Wolf Of P*ssy on September 2.–Wongo Okon

Big Sean — Detroit 2 (September 4)

Mike Carson

Big Sean’s last album, I Decided, arrived in 2017, but it’s the critical acclaim he received with his 2012 mixtape, Detroit, that the “I Don’t F*ck With U” rapper hopes to return. Confirming the sequel last summer, Big Sean labeled it as a return to his roots while he found the fun in music once again. “I felt like it might have started to become like a burden, or like work, but now it’s just fun,” he said in an interview about Detroit 2. Confirmed for a September 4 release date, the Detroit native looks to show off the fun in his art while returning to a level untouched since 2015’s Dark Sky Paradise.–W.O.

Total Revenge — Total Revenge (September 4)

Though he’s only released two singles thus far, Total Revenge’s Ryan Pollie is already pushing boundaries. His upcoming self-titled debut, Total Revenge, combines fuzzed-out rhythms with distorted samples and his textured vocal track, aiming to bring lo-fi’s heyday into the new decade.–Carolyn Droke

Conway The Machine — From King To A God (September 11)

Conway has released two 2020 projects with Alchemist and Big Ghost Ltd., but Fron King To A God will be a solo showcase where Conway’s admitted: “I want to show growth; how much I’ve grown as an artist and how much I’ve grown as a man.” He’s already shown he can tear through any beat; what else will From A King To A God show?–Andre Gee

The Flaming Lips — American Head (September 11)

George Salisbury

Wayne Coyne and company have been productive in recent years, releasing a pair of albums since 2017. They’ll up that number to three when they drop American Head on September 11. Citing Grateful Dead and Parliament-Funkadelic, Coyne told Rolling Stone of his group’s latest endeavor, “For the first time in our musical life, we began to think of ourselves as ‘an American band’… telling ourselves that it would be our identity for our next creative adventure.”–Derrick Rossignol

Ava Max — Heaven & Hell (September 18)

Even though she’s praised as a global pop icon, been releasing a slew of tracks for the past four years, and boasts a triple-platinum single, Ava Max has yet to release a full-length album. That’s why fans were over the moon when the singer announced her debut record Heaven & Hell was to arrive in September. Building on her signature maximalist pop, Heaven & Hell is expected to take the pop star to new heights.–C.D.

Anjimile — Giver, Taker (September 18)

Anjimile draws upon a wide variety of influences on his upcoming Father/Daughter Records debut, Giver, Taker. Genres like the jaunty African pop he grew up listening to, ‘80s dance music, and the soft ballads of Sufjan Stevens can be credited for his album’s lead singles, which stand as a strong preview of the anticipated record.–C.D.

Fenne Lily — Breach (September 18)

Nicole Loucaides

Following her earnest 2018 debut album Hold On, UK songwriter Fenne Lily is just about ready for its follow-up. Her sophomore record Breach was written during a time of isolation in a foriegn country — unexpectedly apt in light of current events — and delicately copes with themes of solitude and diffidence. So far, the singer has previewed the album with three wistful singles, signaling a salient upcoming effort.–C.D.

Gus Dapperton — Orca (September 18)

While touring behind his full-length debut record, Gus Dapperton befell hard times. The bedroom pop singer coped with the oscillating highs and lows of life of the road with alcohol and drugs, which eventually took a toll on his health — mental and otherwise. But the singer managed to work through the dark times with music, using his lyrics as a tool for vulnerability on his sophomore record Orca, comprising his most mature collection of music to date.–C.D.

Into It. Over It. — Figure (September 18)

Emo revival leader Evan Weiss hasn’t released a new Into It. Over It. project since 2016’s Standards, but now he’s ready to drop another. Figure arrives on September 18, and he says of the album, “It’s about trying to make peace with poor decisions that I’ve made, and how I can try to reconcile as much as I can, and what I can’t reconcile, how I’m going to cope with that moving forward, and what I can do to be better to the people around me.”–D.R.

Joe Wong — Nite Creatures (September 18)

Priscilla C. Scott

Wong has worn multiple hats over the years, from drummer to podcast host to TV composer. After racking up experience in a variety of fields, he’s gearing up to release his debut solo album, Nite Creatures, on September 18 via Decca Records. The record has drawn stylistic comparisons to The Zombies and features contributions from Mary Lattimore and members of The War On Drugs and Flaming Lips.–D.R.

Nana Adjoa — Big Dreaming Ants (September 24)

Nana Adjoa got her start in music by studying jazz at the Amsterdam Conservatory, developing a signature style which elegantly blends soul, folk, and jazz while tackling intricate issues such as race, gender, religion, and sexuality. The singer already boasts a large collection of tracks in her catalog, but now she’s setting her sights on a full-length, Big Dreaming Ants, arriving in late September.–C.D.

2 Chainz — So Help Me God (September 25)

2 Chainz’ So Help Me God album is coming on September 25th. There’s not much known about the project, besides what he told The Breakfast Club: “I’m done playing. Bars up to par…they ain’t never went nowhere.” Most hip-hop heads already knew this much, but we’ll surely appreciate the reminder.–A.G.

Idles — Ultra Mono (September 25)

Tom Ham

Brow-raising phrases have been thrown around in promotion of Idles’ upcoming album, phrases like, “rejoices in the sinister flesh-eating virus of the pedestrian.” If that sounds intense, well, Idles are an intense group, and that’s an energy they’ll bring with Ultra Mono when it drops on September 25. The promotional cycle has featured highlights like “Model Village,” which got a Michel Gondry-directed video.–D.R.

Sad13 — Haunted Painting (September 25)

Sadie Dupuis is perhaps best known as the lead vocalist of Speedy Ortiz, but the musician has an illustrious solo career under the moniker Sad13. Gearing up for her sophomore release, Dupuis has already given fans a taste of her upcoming effort. As seen through a handful of singles, Dupuis continues to expertly moulds tongue-in-cheek humor, sly political commentary, and self-assured quips into effervescent and playful pop-punk-adjacent tunes.–C.D.

Sufjan Stevens — The Ascension (September 25)

Sufjan Stevens already gave the world an album this year, although the new age project he made with his stepfather may not be for everybody. However, he is quickly following that project with his first proper solo album in five years, The Ascension, which drops on September 25. It’s an adventurous record, as is evidenced by the 12-minute song “America” (and its 10-minute B-side, “My Rajneesh)”).–D.R.

Tim Heidecker — Fear Of Death (September 25)


Tim Heidecker is best known for the silly, lovable nonsense he purveys on Tim And Eric (and to some, for his standout role in Us), but he’s pretty good at serious music, too. He has so far shared some previews of Fear Of Death (out September 25), and he got a talented roster of musicians to help him out, including Weyes Blood, Drew Erickson, the Lemon Twigs’ Brian and Michael D’Addario, and Foxygen’s Jonathan Rado.–D.R.

Will Butler — Generations (September 25)

Arcade Fire’s Will Butler hasn’t released a solo record since 2016’s Friday Night, but he’s looking to change that this fall. Ushering in a new era with two comforting singles, Butler attempts to figure out his place in the world, and obligation to it, with the impending album Generations.–C.D.

Sylvan Esso — Free Love (September 25)

Composed of working couple Amelia Meath and producer Nick Sanborn, Sylvan Esso are just about ready to take their exuberant indie-dance sound to new territory with Free Love. So far, the band has only shared two singles from the release, but, according to Meath, the record aptly deals with “being increasingly terrified of the world around you.”–C.D.

Joji — Nectar (September 25)

Joji’s 2018 debut album Ballads 1 impressively rose to No.1 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart and secured the singer an ever-growing fanbase, whose members are closely watching out for his late September release Nectar. Joji remains playful in his videos, bringing his humor to the forefront while simultaneously remaining poignantly vulnerable in his music. If his 2020 releases are any indication, Nectar will be interlaced with thumping earworms and atmospheric introspections.–C.D.

Rituals of Mine — Hype Nostalgia (September 25)

Jeffrey LaTour

After previously working as a duo, Terra Lopez is now operating Rituals Of Mine as a solo project and readying to release her first album as a solo artist, Hype Nostalgia, which is out on September 25. The alt-R&B record is nostalgic, but not just reflective of the good times: She says of the album, “We went back before loss, before grief to write an album that carried the duality of grief and joy.”–D.R.

Deftones — Ohms (September 25)

Frank Maddocks

Chino Moreno has been generous in teasing Deftones’ upcoming album, Ohms (out September 25). The title track should provide an indication of the album’s sound, as Moreno called it “a good scope of where this record’s at.” He also said the album incorporates elements of their past but introduces enough newness to keep the proceedings fresh.–D.R.

Public Enemy — What You Gonna Do When The Grid Goes Down (September 25)

In a surprise announcement, Public Enemy revealed in late August that their first album in over two decades, What You Gonna Do When The Grid Goes Down, would arrive at the end of September. Preceded by their “Fight The Power” remix with Nas, Rapsody, Black Thought, YG, Jahi, and Questlove, the group will look to reinforce their message of revolution, social justice, and racial equality to a new generation, one that experiences the many pains of being Black in America that the group did more than two decades ago. Fans will not have to wait too long for the project’s release, as it has already been confirmed for a September 25 release date.–W.O.

Mxmtoon — Dusk EP (October 2)

At 20 years old, Mxmtoon has already released two EPs and a full-length album. The singer shared her quietly introspective EP Dawn earlier this year, and now Mxmtoon is preparing for its counterpart, Dusk. On the upcoming effort, Mxtmoon aims to reimagine connotations that come with the night — isolation and darkness — and transform it into the themes of joyful rebirth and renewed creativity.–C.D.

Blackpink — Blackpink: The Album (October 2)

Ever since the K-Pop four-piece Blackpink took last year’s Coachella by storm, the group’s massive backing of stans are anticipating their next release, The Album, while also promoting Blackpink on Twitter through hoards of fancams. If their record-breaking YouTube premiere of “How You Like That” is any indication, the upcoming Blackpink release is sure to be a chart-topper.–C.D.

Gabriel Garzón-Montano — Agüita (October 2)

On October 2nd, Gabriel Garzón-Montano will be releasing his first project since 2017 with Agüita. He announced the release along with a genre-bending title track that certainly bodes well for his Jagjaguwar debut.–A.G.

Matt Berninger — Serpentine Prison (October 2)

Chris Sgroi

The National have firmly established themselves as one of the century’s finest indie-rock bands, and now their leader is trying something new: He has a solo album, Serpentine Prison, out on October 2. Berninger isn’t going about it alone, though. Guests who contributed to the record include Booker T. Jones (who produced and arranged the whole thing), Andrew Bird, Mike Brewer, Hayden Desser, and others.–D.R.

Jonsi — Shiver (October 2)

Sigur Rós leader and CBD magnate Jonsi released his first solo album in 2010, months after his band went on a hiatus. Now, over a decade later, the musician is finally returning with a new solo album, Shiver, on October 2. Also Jonsi is mostly solo here, he did get guest appearances from Robyn and Cocteau Twins’ Liz Fraser.–D.R.

Shamir — Shamir (October 2)

Shamir has toyed with a number of styles since his 2015 debut Ratchet, and it appears he’s getting back to his roots on the upcoming self-titled release, which press materials call “his most accessible album” since Ratchet. The album is also said to “re-imagine” ’90s pop and rock for the modern world,” and that vision is played out excellently on advance tracks like “Running.”–D.R.

Bartees Strange — Live Forever (October 2)

Memory Music

With his upcoming debut album Live Forever, Bartees Strange is truly coming into his own. The musician worked with various producers before realizing his experience of being the only Black guy in the studio was hindering his sound. “I don’t think the engineer always knew what I wanted to capture, what I was trying to do or what I was referencing,” he said. But with his upcoming release, the singer melts the confines of indie rock, incorporating jangly guitar and fluidly moving between singing and rapping his song’s lyrics.–C.D.

Future Islands — As Long As You Are (October 9)

Future Islands signaled that a new album was on the way when they played a bunch of previously unheard songs at a show last fall. Now, months later, they’ve officially announced that As Long As You Are drops on October 9. Expect more powerfully emotional performances from Samuel T. Herring, like the subtle yet impactful one he gives in the “Thrill” video.–D.R.

Petey — Checkin’ Up On Buds EP (October 9)

California musician Petey had a four-track EP this year, High Life From The Bottle On The Beach, that has more memorable moments than a lot of full-length albums. The EP was the latest in a slew of them, and now the eclectic songwriter has another on the way, as his Checkin’ Up On Buds EP is slated to drop on October 9.–D.R.

Juicy J — The Hustle Continues (October 14)

Juicy J has wished for a Verzuz with Nas and a collaboration album with Jay-Z this year. He’s apparently in a collaborative mood, which explains the loaded guest list for The Hustle Continues, which is coming on October 14th. Juicy will be turning up with the likes of Lil Baby, Megan Thee Stallion, A$AP Rocky, Logic, 2 Chainz, Conway The Machine, Ty Dolla $ign, Rico Nasty, and others.–A.G.

Beabadoobee — Fake It Flowers (October 16)

Ed Blow

Following a handful of EPs, 20-year-old Beabadoobee has her debut album ready to go. Singles like “Care” show off her ’90s alt-rock chops, of which Fake It Flowers should have plenty. She shared her perspective about the album in a behind-the-scenes video, saying, “I spent so f*cking long writing and going through it emotionally, and it just means a lot to me, and I just can’t wait for people to see that side of my life, and for people to listen to the music, rock out to the music, and cry, and just kind of understand me more.”–D.R.

Helena Deland — Someone New (October 16)

Helena Deland made a name for herself with two EPs, her latest being the five-part collection of songs Altogether Unaccompanied. Now, with her long-awaited debut album Someone New, Deland is learning from a newfound sense of self-assurance. Through crafting her impending release, the singer was able to work through fears of aging and FOMO, emerging transformed on the other side.–C.D.

Tomberlin — Projections EP (October 16)

Saddle Creek signee Tomberlin wooed fans with quiet musings on her buzz-worthy debut album At Weddings and has since shared a stage with the likes of Alex G, Andy Shauf, and American Football. Now, Tomberlin is taking all she learned with her on the five-track EP Projections. Recorded with Alex G’s Alex Giannascoli, Projections is expected to build on her debut’s structure, adding up-tempo rhythms and fleshed-out harmonies.–C.D.

THEY. — The Amanda Tape (October 23)

Forming THEY. after a chemistry-filled studio session with Timbaland, Dante Jones and Drew Love have always strived to present their music from a different angle — something their debut album Nü Religion: Hyena accomplished. Following 2018’s Fireside EP, the duo will return this October with their sophomore album, The Amanda Tape. This time around, THEY. will explore and celebrate all the emotions present in relationships, a concept they’ve alluded to on the album’s first three singles — “Count Me In,” “Play Fight” with Tinashe, and “All Mine” — on the upcoming album that touches down on October 23.–W.O.

Kylie Minogue — Disco (November 6)

Kylie Minogue is the highest-selling female Australian artist of all time. And with her upcoming 15th studio album Disco, Kylie aims to continue her global success. The veteran pop star recently announced her new era of music with the shimmering single “Say Something,” and even though clubs won’t be open for the foreseeable future, Kylie’s upcoming album will arrive as the perfect soundtrack for cathartic living room dance parties.–C.D.


Action Bronson — Only For Dolphins

Action Bronson has been cooking up Only For Dolphins since at least summer 2019. Earlier this year, he announced it for April — but a global pandemic has a way of changing plans. Bronsolino still has the album as his Twitter name, suggesting it’s a priority, so maybe we’ll be getting it soon off the heels of “Latin Grammys.”–A.G.

Armani Caesar — The Liz

Griselda Records

Armani Caesar, the self-proclaimed “first lady of Griselda,” will be officially releasing her The Liz project soon. She pushed the project back from its initial August 21st release date while grieving, and unfortunately had parts of the project recently leak. But despite the obstacles, Armani is set to release the project soon and further let the world know that she can “RAP rap.”A.G.


All eyes are on 20-year-old New Zealand singer Benee after her single “Supalonely” became an overnight hit among alt-pop lovers on TikTok and even Elton John, who named it the “next global smash” hit. Following her breakout success, the singer has been awarded the opportunity to collaborate with the likes of Kenny Beats and continues to cook up her new tunes for her highly-anticipated full-length debut.–C.D.

Benny The Butcher

Getty Image

Benny The Butcher has been one of the busiest artists in the world over the past two years — and he hasn’t even released a solo project since last June’s The Plugs I Met. A frequent work rate has its benefits, including having enough fire to release the Tana Talk 4 &5 double album he hinted at in July.–A.G.

DJ Khaled — Khaled Khaled

Preparing a number of major keys for his fans to enjoy once again, DJ Khaled is readying what would be his twelfth studio album and follow-up to 2019’s Father Of Ashad, an album that gave Khaled a Grammy win thanks to “Higher.” Entitled Khaled Khaled, the campaign for the upcoming album began with his Drake-featuring singles “Greece” and “Pop Star.” The singles gave Khaled his fifth and sixth top-ten appearances on the Billboard singles chart. With its release confirmed for later this year, Khaled Khaled would be his fifth album in six years.–W.O.


Drake’s grip on 2020 is undeniable and it’s all come without the Toronto rap star’s highly-anticipated sixth album. From the surprise release of “When To Say When/Chicago Freestyle” to Dark Lane Demo Tapes, Drake has made the wait for his upcoming album more bearable than fans may have expected. However, fresh off the release of “Laugh Now, Cry Later” with Lil Durk as well as a confirmation that the album, entitled Certified Lover Boy, is 90% complete, Drake may take over the fall for the first time since Nothing Was The Same, an album his fans adore and hope he can recreate in terms of its quality.–W.O.


Somewhere in between the surprise project release and a traditional, anticipation-building drop is what Elzhi is doing. Throughout August, he’s been posting lyrics on his Instagram page, stirring awe and intrigue amongst his fanbase. On August 12th, a fan asked if he had new music coming, to which he replied, “it’s on the way fam. Hope you stick around for it.” We surely will be.–A.G.

Fivio Foreign

Fivio Foreign dropped his debut 800 B.C. release in April. Since then, he’s continued to represent for Brooklyn drill, including appearing on Nas’ recent King’s Disease album. In mid-August, he tweeted that he was “in Album Mode,” and may be set to the feed the New York streets this fall.–A.G.

Lana Del Rey — Chemtrails Over The Country Club

Getty Image

Lana Del Ray’s 2019 Norman F*cking Rockwell received a Grammy nomination for Album Of The Year and made first place in the 2019 Uproxx Music Critics Poll. Despite facing backlash on social media for a tone-deaf critique of several artists of color, fans and critics alike are eager to hear her eighth studio release. The singer has already shared a few snippets of new songs, signaling that Chemtrails Over The Country Club will be infused with a bit more instrumental energy compared to her latest, slow-burning effort.–C.D.

Miley Cyrus

Last year’s EP She Is Coming surprisingly arrived without any bangers, but Miley Cyrus is back with a new era, and she’s promising some new bops. After a vocal surgery and a very public divorce, “Midnight Sky” signaled the singer’s return, complete with nostalgic imagery and ‘80s-inspired synths. The single will arrive on the forthcoming She Is Miley Cyrus, which by all accounts sends the singer into new territory. The singer recently said she won’t release the album until she can tour again, meaning the prospect of Cyrus’ new album depends on us Americans wearing a mask and continuing to socially distant.–C.D.


Born in France and raised in London, Octavian shared his first project back in 2016 with 22. The rapper’s stock boosted when a video of Drake singing his “Party Here” track landed on social media. Since then, Octavian delivered his Essie World EP as well as his Spaceman and Endorphins mixtapes, but the time has come for his debut album. The album remains untitled and is led by “Rari (Chapter 1)” with Future and “Famous” with Gunna and Saint JHN. Despite no release date in place, Octavian’s manager did confirm on his Instagram story that the album is complete.–W.O.

Porter Robinson — Nurture

Porter Robinson returned with his first single in 6 years this January, ushering in a new era of glitchy samples and expansive synths. With his upcoming record Nurture, Robinson gets real about his recent struggles. From being his own worst critic to finding a reason to keep going, the musician is slated to morph real-life experiences into glinting bops.–C.D.

Rexx Life Raj

Lindsey Best

In August, Rexx Life Raj dropped “Canvas,” a reflective track that speaks to the tumultuous times. He also announced the impending release of California Poppy 2, a followup to his 2018 album with producer Kyle Betty. He didn’t offer a time frame for the project, but fall may be a perfect time for the self-proclaimed “Berkeley superhero” to flex his power.–A.G.

Rico Nasty — Nightmare Vacation

Rico Nasty announced Nightmare Vacation in the most sentimental way possible: with a handwritten letter to fans. Along with releasing ‘iPhone” in mid-August, she said that she was feeling anxiety about the album because “I’m so ready to get it out and share it with you.” She can be assured that her fans are just as eager to hear what’s sure to be a fun, empowering listen.–A.G.

Ski Mask The Slump God

In July, Ski Mask released the timely “Burn The Hoods,” which was paired with a fiery Lyrical Lemonade-crafted music video. In his tweet announcing the video, Ski Mask ominously clarified that “this is only the beginning,” hinting that there’s more music where that came from. In a March Instagram post, he noted, “So Much New Music Been Inspired By How Artists Are Making Being A Genuine Creative Without Gimmicks The Standard For Musical Respect Again,” setting an exciting precedent for his next project.–A.G.

Spillage Village

Via YouTube

Members of the Spillage Village collective have been busy doing their individual thing over the past couple years, but the eight-man group is set to drop their first album since 2016. In March, Earthgang took to Reddit to announce an album, crediting the quarantine with getting everyone settled and ready to record. In June they released a taste of what to expect with “End Of Daze.”–A.G.

Tobi Lou — Parrish Blue

Chicago native Tobi Lou saw his breakout moment arrive with his Smino-featuring track, “Troop.” Sharing three EPs between 2017 and 2018, Tobi frolicked through the fields with his carefree spirit before he invited listeners to his grand opening show of a debut album Live On Ice in 2019. Ready to bless 2020 to yet another body of work, the “Buff Baby” rapper revealed his sophomore effort, Parrish Blue, would arrive in October. Preparing fans for the upcoming album, Tobi has shared a number of singles since the release of Live On Ice including “Skin Care Tutorial 2020” and “Lingo Starr.”–W.O.



Rising to prominence thanks to his gloomy ballads and bars on the pains and pleasures of love, 6LACK was thrown into the mainstream light with his “PRBLMS” single in 2016. However, the Atlanta native’s best body of work came in 2018 with his sophomore album East Atlanta Love Letter. Now, following his 6pc Hot EP, 6LACK prepares his third album for a fanbase that has grown to be stronger than ever. Backed by LVRN, who has flawlessly navigated project promotion in the midst of a pandemic (see Summer Walker’s Life On Earth EP), fans can expect 6LACK to touch down with his third album later this year.–W.O.

Bon Iver

Justin Vernon has involved himself in a number of endeavors since his 2019 album i,i came out last summer, including a collaboration with Taylor Swift. He has also dropped a pair of Bon Iver singles, “PDLIF” and “AUATC,” the latter of which features guests like Bruce Springsteen and Jenny Lewis. Here’s hoping this flurry of activity leads to a new Bon Iver record in the coming months.–D.R.


While most artists keep their fans patiently — and sometimes impatiently — waiting for their latest body of work, Brockhampton opted to deliver almost an EP’s worth of songs this year, sharing seven tracks that they confirmed would not appear on their upcoming album. While the group said their next effort would see the light of day in the summer, unknown circumstances have pushed it back to what could be a fall release. Whenever it arrives, fans can be sure a second album would be released shortly after as the self-proclaimed boy band confirmed they would release two albums by the year’s end.–W.O.


The BTS guys are a productive team of workhorses, often putting out multiple releases per year. They’ve already released two albums in 2020, but it’s possible they could have another coming soon. Their newest single, “Dynamite,” is their first English-language song, and since it doesn’t come from any released or announced album, perhaps some news in that arena is forthcoming.–D.R.


Last October, Buddy announced that his sophomore album was coming this spring, but the pandemic may have sullied those plans. He’s been working, though. In June he released “Black 2.” In July he dropped “Faces” with Lucky Daye, and August saw the release of “Ain’t Sweet” with Matt Ox. Speaking with Apple Music, Buddy revealed, “I mean, I’m shooting for a December release. I’m not really supposed to talk about it. Hopefully I’ve got some Christmas gifts for you all with a bunch of music. I was just in Jamaica with Meek, JID, & EarthGang. We was getting a little zoinked out. We made so many songs. I just got to holler at Smino, see what guap they’re talking about and it might be way more than the little bit.”–A.G.

Cardi B

One of today’s queens of not only rap, but music altogether, Cardi B is well on her way to impress fans and critics alike with another project as she continues work on her sophomore album. While it may not be released until after the pandemic, Cardi is off to a phenomenal start thanks to its lead single, “WAP” with Megan Thee Stallion. Raunchy and NSFW from start to finish, the single captivated fans, upset a candidate for Congress, inspired a TikTok dance, and broke records in just the first two weeks following its release. As for the upcoming album, Cardi has delivered a number of updates including being a “couple of club hits” away from completion, so fans may not have to wait too long for its arrival.–W.O.


Leeor Wild

Rising artist and XXL Freshman Chika has new fans catching on to the brilliance of her Industry Games EP every day. Little do they know, new music may be coming from the “My Power” artist. The social media-savvy MC has periodically played snippets of her next project online, and fans are hoping they’ll get to hear the full thing ASAP.–A.G.


Chris Martin and company haven’t announced anything officially, but signs indicate that it wouldn’t be the biggest surprise to see a full-length release from them this year. Mark Mitchell, co-president of Coldplay’s record label Parlophone, said in 2019, “There’s nothing set in stone, but what we can say is there’s a desire to do another record to follow this up quickly. [‘Everyday Life’] came very, very quickly. They worked on tracks for the rest of the summer, so there’s a lot of ideas left off this record which they’re hoping to follow up as soon as possible.”–D.R.

J. Cole — The Fall Off

Word of J. Cole’s upcoming project The Fall Off first arrived when the rapper closed his 2018 album KOD with “1985 (Intro to “The Fall Off”).” Almost two years later, Cole would confirm the project’s existence at his Day N Vegas festival performance, where he revealed it would arrive in 2020. Approaching the final months of the year, Cole shared two singles from The Fall Off with fans — “The Climb Back” and “Lion King On Ice” — and reiterated that he was still hard at work on the project. Despite contemplating an attempt at pro basketball, J. Cole is preparing his return to the rap world, one his diehard fans cannot wait for.–W.O.

Jim-E Stack

Jim-E Stack has established himself as a jack of all trades in the music industry, collaborating in various capacities with Charli XCX, Bon Iver, Diplo, Haim, and many others. Now it appears he is prepping his first solo album since 2014: He has a handful of singles from the past few years, including recent tracks with Empress Of and Dijon.–D.R.

Joey Badass

Joey Badass gave his fans a three-song appetizer with The Light Pack in July, but he already knows they’re looking for a more robust follow-up to 2017’s All-Amerikkkan Badass. In March, he told ASAP Rocky that his next album was “almost done,” which may bode well for a fall release.–A.G.

Kanye West — Donda

Album rumors from Kanye West are nothing new to the music industry, as he’s left fans waiting for a new project year-round for the past three trips around the sun. Looking to honor his mother for his latest effort, Kanye revealed his upcoming album would be titled Donda and shared an initial release date of July 24 for its arrival. Going as far to share its tracklist, Kanye pump-faked on the album’s release, forcing fans to re-up on patience for its release. Despite sharing its artwork days after its intended release, Kanye has yet to release the project or share an update with fans. With a number of possibilities in store for Donda, fans will just have to wait and see if 2020 concludes with its release.–W.O.


Migos were pushing the pedal on releases, then abruptly stopped to do their own solo things. There’s not much known about when we can expect it, or whether it will be with Quality Control after their contract dispute. What we do know is that it won’t be called Culture III, and Quavo is promising the “best album of 2020 and 2021.”–A.G.


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The Navy has been waiting impatiently for Rihanna and her ninth album for nearly five years. The singer has spent the year slowly chipping away at the upcoming album while excelling in her other endeavors like her Savage X Fenty and Fenty Skin brands. Aside from teasing her impatient fans, Rihanna have given fans miniscule tidbits including “aggressively” working on it earlier this year and reminding The Navy that “it’s going to be worth it” upon its release. With the possibility of a 2020 release up in the air, the music world will just have to see if Rihanna desires to bless our ears.–W.O.

Rubi Rose

Most famous at one point for her appearance in Migos and Lil Uzi Vert’s “Bad And Boujee” music video, Rubi Rose has ventured out, and found success, on her own in the music world. Inking a deal thanks to her “Big Mouth” single, Rubi caught the ears of the industry with her 2019 track, “He In His Feelings.” Now, the Kentucky native is readying her upcoming debut album, one she says should arrive by the end of September. Confirming it in an interview with Uproxx, Rubi said that aside from a few visuals that are in progress, the project is complete and ready for fans.–W.O.

Sky Ferreira

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The wait for the follow-up to Ferreira’s 2013 debut album Night Time, My Time has been a long one. There’s hope that a new project might be nigh, though. Last year, she shared her first new single, “Downhill Lullaby,” in a long time, and gave a bit of an album update. She described “insane obstacles” she was having with her record label, but acknowledged the existence of a new album, saying, “I still managed to make this album & every aspect of it happen by MYSELF.”–D.R.

Saweetie — Pretty B*tch Music

Saweetie has been promising her Pretty B*tch Music album was on the way for most of the year. In July, she dropped her “Pretty B*tch Freestyle” and “Tap In,” which caught a buzz in part because of the clever revitalization of Too Short’s “Blow The Whistle.” Paying homage to the classics is her lane, and supporters are eager to hear more of it. Maybe they will this fall.–A.G.


Much like her diehard fans, SZA has been itching to have a new album placed into the world. The “Love Galore” singer has shared little music since she blew fans away with her phenomenal debut album, Ctrl, back in 2017. Unfortunately, the pandemic has seemingly halted all moves at her label, TDE, with not one artist on the label delivering a project in 2020, despite the year being claimed as a “TDE Year” for the celebrated label. Voicing her own frustrations with TDE’s president Punch, it’s clear that SZA has been itching to put out music for her fans. We can’t wait.–W.O.

Trey Songz

Standing as what would be his first full-length release since his 2018 double album 11.28, Trey Songz has already shared two singles from the upcoming album, “Back Home” with Summer Walker and “Circles.” The album is currently untitled and without a release date, but his fans hope that they can get their hands on it before the year comes to a close.

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